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Since we began offering our services, we have received a lot of positive feedback from members, as well as numerous "success stories". These make us very proud and we would like to share some of them with you.

"I found her so close by"

I found her so close byIt was just like a normal day @ office. I had met my school friend Anisha, who now works in London, after a very long time on messenger. Meeting her and getting to know about a matchmaking website ‘be2’ from her, were probably the most happening things about the day. I had no clue about what the day had to offer in excess.

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"Thanks for making me so lucky"

Thanks for making me so lucky
Thank You be2!! Thanks a lottt for Kartik! It would not have been possible without you guys.
I belong to an Indian family settled in the US. Although, I was born and brought up abroad I wanted my fiancé to be an Indian.
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“I found my soulmate here"

 found my soulmate at be2
I found my soulmate here. Finally we r in true love
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